Head Coach

We are pleased to announce the appointment of the first Head Coach of the Montreal Royal, MikaëlLacombe.


Since his early days as a junior player, Mikaël has rapidly risen within the ultimate world.  Early on, he evolved as a Mixedplayer with Gecko while solidifying his role with youth players as the Junior coordinator in Sherbrooke.  He currently occupies a management position with the AUM andplays an integral role on the competitive committee of the FQU. Mikaël was honoured by his peers in the FQU, being named the Male Player of the Year in 2011 (Bloody Gary) and Coach of the Year in 2013 (Mephisto).  If you are interested in learning more about his love of the game, visit Passion Ultimate, a blog that he has written for the past 3 years, covering 4 on 4 ultimate.


Mikaël developed as a coach through his work with several competitive teams, including Mephisto, Blue Nose, Bloody Gary and others.  The experience he gained leading these teams over the past 5 years has provided him with a holistic perspective of the way the game should be played.Mikaëlhas further demonstrated a strong aptitude and an incontrovertible passion for planning team strategy. His interest in the analysis of the game led him to develop an understanding of the strategies of the game at the professional level, which will doubtless be a great strength in the strategic and tactical development of the Royal.


Mikaël is also committed to continual improvement, and has demonstrated a willingness to do and see things differently, which will allow him to contribute to the implementation of your values of innovation and excellence. Furthermore, Mikaël will help guide the team toward asustainable performance not only in the strategic planning of practices and games, but also through the creation of innovative development programs.


The Royal will therefore rely on his superior strategic vision and on his passion for the game to drive thesuccessful evolution of the team. In summary, we are confident that Mikaël will ensure that the Royal stands out for its game strategy and for its innovative and successful development programs.


Please join me in congratulating Mikaël on his appointment,


Patrick Gratton
General Manager


Assistant Coach – Strategy and Practices


The passion for ultimate and discipline that she displays are without a doubt the features that characterize Caroline. Her extensive knowledge of the tactics of ultimate, as well as her predominantly human approach,make her an asset to the Montreal Royal. A talented player, she has distinguished herself on the provincial, national and even international ultimate scene. Due to her extensive experience and knowledge, she is uniquely able to advise and support the Hear Coach, as well as the players on the Montreal Royal.


In order to clarify her experience at very high levels of competition, we must follow her accomplishments on the international scene. Her love of ultimate, her curiosity regarding various strategies, and her hard work, have taken her to the highest levels of competition. She was the only female player from Quebec chosen for Team Canada (Women) in 2012 for the World Ultimate & Guts Championships in Japan, and the following year, she was the only female player from Quebec selected for Team Canada (Mixed) for the World Games in Cali, Columbia. These performances were highlighted by the Fédération Québécoise d’Ultimate (FQU), when she was once awarded the Female Athlete of the Year award and subsequently was awarded the Mixed Athlete of the Year for Quebec. Moreover, Ultimate Canada also awarded her the Female Athlete of the Year award for Canada.  She has participated in nine (9) Canadian Ultimate Championships, winning two gold medals.


For the past four years, Caroline has held the positions of coach and captain for the women’s team Storm (2010), and the mixed team Odyssée (2011-2013), where she has equipped herself with a vast experience as a leader.


Her status: pumped full of adrenaline and ready to go as she prepares for this great challenge: the Montreal Royal.



Assistant Coach – Offense and Individual
With several years of competitive ultimate behind him, it goes without saying that Jean-Philippe has become an experienced player and coach. He has been a member of several teams, such as Mephisto, Bloody Gary, Gecko and Onyx, which has allowed him to live his passion in Montreal, Quebec City, and also Sherbrooke.


In addition to taking part in several Canadian Ultimate Championships, Jean-Phillipe has participated in the World Championships in Australia in 2006 (in Open) and in the Czech Republic in 2010, where his team went to the finals (in Mixed). Furthermore, Sherbrooke’s women’s team, Exo, benefitted from his valuable service as coach in 2012. Jean-Phillipe possesses a variety of experiences that have permitted him to reach great depths in his analysis of players and the structure of the game. His 10 years of experience as a handler on the offensive line will make him an asset for the Montreal Royal.


Jean-Philippe knows how to quickly assess the strengths and areas to be improved for each player. He is known and appreciated by his peers for his unique ability to speak frankly as well as his ability to set the record straight. In the heat of the moment, he is able to target the important elements and contributes greatly to the cohesion of his team. It is a privilege to be able to benefit from his expertise and know-how within the structure of a competitive team. Blessed with a patient ear and an ease with which he integrates within a group, Jean-Phillipe will doubtless contribute to the performance of this team, and to this great adventure.



Assistant Coach– Psychology of Competition
With the strength of twenty years in the field of coaching, Guylaine Girard distinguishes herself by the immediate rapport she brings to the sporting organizations she works with.


Her career in gymnastics, where she had the opportunity to work with nationally ranked athletes, enabled her to discover a passion for the mental preparation of


To deepen her knowledge of performance in competition, Guylaine took part in several continuing education courses in leadership as well as on different personality types.


Beginning her love affair with the game of Ultimate about 5 years ago, she learned the basics of the game with Étienne Mathieu, Jean-Levy Champagne and Gustavo Castaño. With their help, she developed the skills and ability to lead Kerozen, the Montreal junior team, before making the leap to assistant coach with Hydro, the provincial team.


Never one to back down from a challenge, she finished the 2011 season as captain of Storm, despite not having been selected for the team during the spring tryouts. More recently, she was named a captain of Vintage, due to the support she provides to the leadership already in place, given their qualification for the World Championships.


We are confident that her extensive experience will provide her a strong base to help the players to shine.