Founding partner



Ultimate Grand Montreal

Ultimate Grand Montreal is pleased to be a founding partner of the Montreal Royal and is a loyal supporter of the team.


A major goal of Ultimate Grand Montreal (UGM) is the organization and coordination of all Ultimate-related activities in the Greater Montreal area.  Incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation in the spring of 1997, the UGM has been in operation since 1993. The UGM is an association of members with an interest in the sport and practice of Ultimate.  The phenomenal increase in membership over the past few years provides a portrait of the remarkable growth expected in the coming years.  Our leagues have grown from 112 teams during the 2004 season to more than 200 teams in the summer league in 2013. In addition, we have expanded the services we offer, transitioning from a single summer league to year-round operations (indoor, outdoor, beach, wheelchair, etc). For more information, please visit our website at and subscribing to our electronic newsletter, AFFAIRES.


To encourage the practice and development of recreational and competitive Ultimate in the Montreal metropolitan area, by promoting and upholding the Spirit of the Game.


To embody the spirit of Ultimate in Montreal.



Integrity and honesty influence all the association’s activities. Our members are the very embodiment of the UGM. We respect their needs and cherish their desire to get involved.



We offer a solid and reliable framework that values excellence and ensures steady leadership in the organization and the development of Ultimate in Montreal.


Knowledge sharing

The UGM believes that the development of a tradition of excellence starts with the sharing of knowledge and the involvement of all its members.



The main component of Ultimate’s spirit is fun, and the AUM strives to create a climate of fulfillment for all its members and volunteers.



It is our duty to do everything possible so that everyone and anyone can enjoy the various services that the UGM has to offer.