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August 1, 2017


The last game of the season proved to be quite a show with lots of points, several technical throws and an abundance of long passes! Above all, it allowed us to celebrate a last victory in the regular season before the beginning of the series.


Who were the artisans of this last victory?   Our statistical analysis will attempt to help us objectively answer this question.


Player of the game

The player of the game according to the “ultimate statistic” is without a doubt Steve Bonneau. Number 7 touched the disk 59 times, completed  7 assists, scored once, added 2 D’s and one save! Moreover,  he completed over 800 yards in passes, 7 long passes and maintained a completion rate of 95%. It is therefore easy to see why the statistics have placed him quite in the lead for this game.



Find below the player standings according to the combined offensive and defensive statistics.

Offensive player of the game

It’s often been the case that the offensive player of the game is also the player of the game and this game is no exception.  Putting Steve Bonneau aside,   it would be is his compatriot Quentin Bonnaud, who would be named offensive player of the game slightly ahead of Maxwell Rick.  Number 44 is used to having a big role with his ability to run down long passes and successfully battle it out for the high catch. This time around he accumulated 4 assists, 5 goals  and one D. He furthermore caught more than 600 yards worth of passes! One can guess that this makes him a option of choice for Steve.


Find below the detailed offensive statistics. :


Defensive player of the game

The defensive player of the game is Andre Arsenault followed closely by Malik Auger-Semmar and Antoine Genest.  It is important to note that for the stat “star D” Antoine Genest would have been the choice for his total points (assists and goals) totalling 6. As for Andre, he managed to slide into the lead due to the fact that he scored 4 times on defense as well as completing two D’s which is primordial for the defensive line.  Also note that he completed another goal when in a defensive position coming in after a time out.  Lastly, he maintained a good differential of -1 which is usually much lower for defensive players.


Find below the detailed defensive statistics :


All these statistics and many others are the result of data collected thanks to our statistical team using the UltiAnalytics application.  You can consult a simplified version of our excel file offering a compilation of these statistics and even help us make other analyses! Don’t hesitate to consult the file by following the link provided:!Al8k3ZXn4c7IjvQxQXOuCZKQJifJ0A and send us your findings!


Francis Beaumont and Melissa Palander


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