The Montreal Royal is proud to present the team logo! We now have a complete personality, and we hope that you like it.


Royal_Logo_LargeLet us explain each little detail of our logo to give you a complete picture. It starts with the name, the Royal, which has several meanings and is definitely not one-dimensional. The name was the subject of many heated exchanges and long brainstorming sessions.


First, the co-owners played on an AUM spring team called the Royal and the name, which was well-liked, stayed in our imaginations. Next, our city has a beautiful outdoor park that soars high above the city. Mount Royal is a symbol of strength and tranquility, a place we are proud to have in Montreal. We pay tribute to this little mountain (or large hill), a place of nature amidst the hustle-and-bustle of our urban world.


Another meaning, the definition of the word “royal” itself is full of characteristics that blend naturally with our values. We remain humble about these meanings as we are still building our reputation; worthy of a king, with a majestic character, a beautiful look. A king is certainly noble, but with nobility comes great responsibility. The Royal aims to fulfill the tasks needed and to make the team worthy of its name, to make a difference in our community.


With a nod to the past, our name is also connected to the history of sport in Montreal. The city had a professional baseball team call the Royals that existed from 1897 to 1917 and from 1928 to 1960. Jackie Robinson played for the Royals before he broke the colour barrier in Major League Baseball.


And now the golden eagle (aigle royal in French). He emerges, gliding towards us, wings spread and his piercing eyes mesmerising us. The golden eagle is a symbol of greatness, strength and courage. It is mysterious and has unique magnificence. This bird of prey has exceptionally sharp vision, with long and powerful wings, sharp talons and the speed of a race car. All these strengths we transpose onto our organization and to our players.


Finally, what is our logo? The badge is a symbol of discipline, it is also a shield and it allows us to combine several graphics in one image. Now that we have adopted it, we can adapt it to our needs. The logo showcases our values; it is simple and pure. The center circle represents a disc, which has been subtly integrated with the curve of the eagle’s neck. The white bar is our symbol of purity and the placement of the R (Royal) and M (Montreal) create beautiful symmetry with the other elements in the logo. Our eagle is intelligent, you can see it in his eye; he looks ahead and glimpses a future filled with success and enjoyment.


The blue, colour of the sky — home to the flying disc — is also a root, a primary colour. Looking at the logo, you see freshness and purity.


White is the absence of negativity, it can repel everything is black or unhealthy. Once again the symbol of purity and peace, it dazzles our eagle at the centre of the shield.


Orange, colour of strength, energy and the sun, it provides us with a touch of fire that we will find in the performances of the team’s players.


Our logo is classic, and we hope that in the years to come, it will join the other famous logos in Montreal. Know that it comes from deep within us and is a part of us.