Mid-season statistical picture

June 9, 2017


With nine games now played who can we say has been the most valuable player for the Montreal royal? Which players have managed to stand out as per the statistics? Here’s what the statistics team of the Montreal Royal have observed thus far.


We would like to note that we had published a first version and that thanks to the vigilance of some players we were able to identify a few statistical anomalies which allowed us to make some modifications and brought us to write this second version. That being said, there remains a slight discrepancy between time played as indicated on the Ultianalytics site and time played in our calculations. This difference is minor but we believe there may be an error on their part and have submitted this feedback to their development team. Should you notice any other anomalies please do not hesitate to let us know so that we may continue to improve the integrity of our data.


The most valuable players

As mentioned previously, at the start of the season, we are looking to develop an algorithm which would allow us to objectively identify which player is the most valuable to the team offensively as much as defensively. It is thanks to this formula that we are able to share with you today the 3 most valuable players for the Royal since the start of the 2017 season.


Most valuable player – Offensive and defensive combined

Here are the player standings for the Royal’s most valuable players since the beginning of the season when looking at offence and defence combined.


Without surprise Quentin Bonnaud is at the top of the list. With 9D’s, 6 saves and 20 long passes caught, one must admit that he is doing all he can to make his presence count!  Along with maintaining an excellent completion rate for his passes (95%), this French player rarely drops the disc.


Most valuable player – Offence

The competition for the title of most valuable offensive player remains fierce. We find Quentin Bonnaud again at the top of this list but we must also highlight the valuable contributions made by Miguel Goderre and Nasser Mbae Vogel. The latter displays a differential of +42, a completion rate on his passes of 93.5%, and a 70% completion rate on passes over 35 yards. This Swiss player is also quite reliable defensively as seen by his 8 D contribution when the team began on offence.


Please not that defensive statistics refer to points that began on “o”.

Most  valuable player – Defence

With Kevin Groulx close on his heels, it is André Arsenault who wins the title of most valuable defensive player. With 7D’s and 159 minutes played over 106 points it is not surprising to see #13 in the lead.

Please not that defensive statistics refer to points that began on D.


You have comments? Suggestions? Don’t hesitate to contact the statistics team for the Montreal Royal at  : stats@fbinfo.net.

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