Out of towners

April 21, 2017

Since last week, our outdoor training sessions have finally started. Tuesday evenings (8 pm to 10

pm) at the Percival-Molson Stadium for individual development session focused on throwing

and fitness; Thursday evenings at Collège St-Jean- Vianney (7 pm to 10 pm) for a team training

focused on team cohesion and application of team strategies.


While Tuesday’s sessions are only mandatory for Montreal and the surrounding area players,

several out-of- towners players have pledged to be present on Thursdays.

The Burlington, Vermont crew

Mike Voelpel and Jacob Saunders will make their way from Burlington, Vermont. Theoretically,

this is a journey of about 2 hours, but this can be considerably slowed by congestion at the

Louis-Hippolyte- Lafontaine Tunnel-Bridge or at the Canada-US boarder. It is a departure around

4 pm and a return around 0 :30.

Both are involved with the University of Vermont(UVM) team, Mike, 24, as a player and Jacob,

26, as a coach. They are calling off from one of their training with UVM to participate in the

Thursdays evenings Royal training. “The UVM training sessions are on Sundays and Thursdays

from 10pm to 0am. We won’t necessarily sleep later than we are used to. ” says Saunders.

The fans will have to wait for one more game to get to know these two players. During the first

home game on May 7th, they will participate in the New-England regional qualification for the

USAU Division 1 College Championship. The University of Vermont finished the regular season in

43rd place in the country, 6th in the New-England region. Unfortunately, there is only one bid in

this region for the Nationals.


Quebec City crew

Francis Vallée, Francis Breton, Miguel Goderre, Jean Guillemette (Relief) and William Andrews

(Relief) will travel together every Thursday from Quebec City. It is about a 2h30 drive. For them

(as for the Trois-Rivière crew), Collège St-Jean- Vianney is the ideal place on Montreal Island, by

using Felix-Leclerc (40) Highway, they have practically nothing to worry about congestion. It is

still a departure around 4pm and a return around 1am, including a stop to take a bite on the

way back.

Last year, Vallée and Goderre moved to Montreal for the duration of the season. This season,

they decided to do the road every week. Joseph Genest, which was doing the back and forth

from Quebec city last year with Breton, has just moved to Montreal until the end of the season.

Trois-Rivières crew

Antoine Genest and Samuel Paré (Relève) will make the road trip from Trois-Rivières. This is a

journey of about 1h15.

With the 3 French players who moved to Montreal, as well as the Americans Kevin Quinlan and Maxwell Rick and the Colombian Mauricio Martinez who did the same. So there are only David Ferraro (Albany), Ben Katz (Boston), Christian Foster (Boston) and Jordan Taylor (Boston) that won’t participate in weekly practices.
“For the organization of the Royal, it is essential to have as many players who practice together,

and it is even more true for the members of the offensive line. We are aware of the investment

in time we require from our out-of- towners and we are very pleased with the caliber of players

we have been able to get despite our strong requirements” says Mathieu Dussault, assistant

general manager.

The Royal starts his season away this weekend. It all starts in Philadelphia on Saturday night at

6 :30 pm for a confrontation against the Phoenix and its revamped roster. Then, the Royal

continues its weekend Sunday 1pm in New York to face the Empire.

The first home game will take place on May 7th at 1 pm at Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard.


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