Stats may 7th , 2017 vs Toronto Rush

May 10, 2017

The statistics team is complete for the first time. Five dedicated and passionate individuals together to bring you the most accurate and complete statistics possible. It was with great enthusiasm that we attended the first home game of the Montreal Royals. We were witness to a great show despite the presence of wind and rain.  Statistically, several things deserve to be highlighted and we will take some time to look at this

Game of errors

The gusts of wind greatly influenced the number of turns we witnessed this game. The Royals suffered from 44 turns, 35 throwaways and 9 drops.

The Rush on the other hand, managed to accumulate nearly 10 less turns with 36. It must be noted that an overall total of 80 turns in a game is quite remarkable!


It was for the first time this year that we were compiling the distances of all throws. This allows us to calculate the number of long passes (>30 yards )thrown and caught as well as each player’s contribution in terms of progression on goal.

Looking at this data, we can see that #9 Maxwell Rick, was much involved in moving the disk forward with 295 yards thrown towards the goal in this game.  Should you like to further study this you can look at column “Vgs L”


MVP Most Valuable Player

To objectively select the most valuable players we have developed an algorithm taking into consideration various statistics from the game.  This indicator will likely change over time but this is what it involves for the time being.  For this calculation, we have decided not to include assists and goals as they are regularly used in other calculations.  


Offense – Defense :

=[@Ds]*2+[@Callahans]+([@[Long complétées]])+[@Save]*2-([@Throwaways]*2)-([@Drops]*2)+[@[O Efficiency]]+[@[D Efficiency]]+([@Touches]*0.25)+[@[Long Attrapées]] -[@[Resp point]]

Offense :

=[@[Ds_O]]+[@Callahans]+([@[Long complétées_O]])+[@Save]*2-([@[Throwaways_O]]*2)-([@[Drops_O]]*2)+[@[O Efficiency]]+([@[Touches_O]]*0.25)+[@[Long Attrapées_O]]

Defense :

=[@[Ds_D]]*3+[@Callahans]+([@[Long complétées_D]])+[@Save]*2-([@[Throwaways_D]]*2)-([@[Drops_D]]*2)+[@[D Efficiency]]+([@[Touches_D]]*0.25)+[@[Long Attrapées_D]]+[@[Minutes Played_D]]*0.2-[@[Resp point]]


Looking at a combination of the offensive and defensive statistics we can see the following results:



#44 Quentin Bonnaud! He was quite sensational at the start of the game and his 3 saves (spectacular catches which without his efforts would have likely ended as a turn) contributed to his climbing to the top of the statistics. Despite having touched the disc only 8 times he managed to ensure that his efforts counted each time he did.


Most Valuable Offensive Player



#27 Miguel Goderre. On offense he managed to avoid making too many errors with one drop for 13 catches and a 100% completion rate on 10 passes. He also contributed to 1 D, caught three long passes and threw one with success. As if that wasn’t enough he also managed to make 2 saves!

Most Valuable Defensive Player


#80 Kevin Groulx. An habitual offensive player he showed up 8 times on the defensive line this game.  During this time, he made his presence known by making 2 saves, 2 D’s and adding one long pass thrown and another caught!


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