The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) is a professional ultimate league based in the United States. There are currently two professional leagues in competition. The second league is named Major League Ultimate (MLU) and exists in several American cities, as well as one Canadian city (Vancouver). The AUDL was founded in 2012 with eight (8) teams separated into two divisions, the East: Philadelphia Spinners (Philadelphia, PA), Connecticut Constitution (Hartford, CT), Rhode Island Rampage (Providence, RI), Buffalo Hunters (Orchard Park, NY), and the West: Indianapolis AlleyCats (Indianapolis, IN), Bluegrass Revolution (Lexington, KY), Detroit Mechanix (Detroit, MI) and the Columbus Cranes (Columbus, OH). During its’ second season in 2013, the league expanded to 12 teams, again divided into two divisions (see table below).




A further expansion of six teams is planned for 2014, including the Montreal franchise – the second Canadian team after Toronto. The season consists of 14 games played between April and June, as well as a Championship in August. Seven games will be played at home at the Percival Molson Stadium. Here is a list of the other expansion teams for 2014: San Jose, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Vancouver.


2014 Season

Eastern Division
DC Breeze
Montréal Royal
New York Empire
Rochester Dragons
Philadelphia Phoenix
Toronto Rush


Midwestern Division
Cincinnati Revolution
Chicago Wildfire
Detroit Mechanix
Indianapolis AlleyCats
Minnesota Wind Chill
Madison Radicals


Western Division
Seattle Raptors
San Jose Spiders
Salt Lake City Lions
San Francisco Flame Throwers
Vancouver Riptide



The franchises assume the majority of the management tasks: player salaries, travel, stadium, merchandise, uniforms, etc. As is the case for other professional sport teams, financing comes from ticket sales, merchandise sales, concessions and sponsorship.


The AUDL is responsible for providing leadership and oversight in the management of a professional organization; increasing the awareness of the sport and the league, facilitating the profitability of each team, increasing the value of the league, promoting communications the profitability of each team, increasing the value of the league, facilitating communications and global marketing strategies for the league, and offering unique and affordable entertainment for the fans.


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