The Royal officially in the playoffs!

July 2, 2017

By Francis Beaumont and Melissa Palander


We were expecting a fierce competition given that Montreal was looking towards a spot in the playoffs while NY needed to ensure a win in order to remain a contender.  However, after only a few minutes, Montreal was already in the lead by several points and continued to apply pressure for the rest of the game.  The pressure was too much, suffocating NY who never managed to come back into the game following a first quarter dominated by the Royal.


This result pleased the crowd who showed up in large numbers despite the risk of thunderstorm.  Are we seeing the beginning of Royal fever?


Now that participation in the playoffs has been assured we should not mistakenly think that the Royal can take it easy until the end. The standings remain tight while the stakes of having home court advantage during the series and even a “bye” the first week if they finish first remain in sight! With one game in Toronto next week, all eyes will be glued to the Royal to see if they can win a 7th consecutive game and further tighten the battle for first place in the east.



Next game in Toronto, July 8th, 6 PM and next home game against Ottawa July 23th 1 PM.


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